Month: November 2019

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CPC Indonesia Design Week Concludes with Local Endorsement

The International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation’s (IWSH) Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) program has completed its latest...

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IAPMO Makes Two Tentative Interim Amendments (TIA) Available for Public Comment

In accordance with the IAPMO Regulations Governing Committee Projects, IAPMO would like to announce that two Tentative Interim Amendments...

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IAPMO Seeks Technical Committee Members for 2024 UPC and UMC

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) is seeking volunteers to participate on two technical committees...

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CPC Indonesia Design Team Connects with Untia Village Leaders, Residents

A key objective of the Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) program is the development of sustainable collaborations that change attitudes,...

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Product Testing & Certification Views: 6

IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services (UES) Hires Two Engineers

IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services (UES) is pleased to announce the hire of two new engineers — Sid Danandeh, P.E., C.B.O., C.A.,...

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Design Team Tackles Water Supply, Wastewater Management Issues in Untia Village

The Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) Indonesia Design Week continued today, with the Design Team back at the team base at the Dalton...

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Ferguson Joins IWSH in Helping Million-Plus Americans Without Access to Safe Sanitation

Today Ferguson joined the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH), governments, and NGOs in declaring a bold vision...

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IAPMO Codes Mobile App Now Available for Download

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) Codes app is now available for download, giving users constant...

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IAPMO-Backed Report Spotlights Staggering Reality:
More Than 2 Million Americans Live Without Access to Running Water, Sanitation

A new report, produced by DigDeep and the US Water Alliance with advisory assistance from IAPMO, titled “Closing the Water Access Gap in...

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PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia Completes Enterprising Sustainability Summit

PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia, in cooperation with the Green Product Council Indonesia (GPCI) and the Indonesian Plumbing Association (APIN),...

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