Written by IAPMO 7:25 pm Uniform Codes Spotlight


February 16, 2023

801.3.3 Food-Handling Fixtures. Food-preparation sinks, steam kettles, potato peelers, ice cream dipper wells, and similar equipment shall be indirectly connected to the drainage system by means of an air gap. Bins, sinks, and other equipment having drainage connections and used for the storage of unpackaged ice used for human ingestion, or used in direct contact with ready-to-eat food, shall be indirectly connected to the drainage system by means of an air gap. Each indirect waste pipe from food-handling fixtures or equipment shall be separately piped to the indirect waste receptor and shall not combine with other indirect waste pipes. The piping from the equipment to the receptor shall be not less than the drain on the unit and in no case less than
1⁄2 of an inch (15 mm).

Any fixture, appliance or piece of equipment, such as an ice cream dipper well (see Figure 801.3.3), that can contain or may come in contact with food is required to be indirectly wasted through an air gap only. This is to keep any possible contaminates from coming into contact with food, items that may contain food, or any utensils used to eat food. Not doing so could cause a severe health hazard, so the installer should be well aware of the regulations governing such installations.

Ice-maker storage bins or storage containers for ice are also considered food storage equipment. The drain must discharge its waste through an air gap. The size of the indirect waste pipe shall be no smaller than the drain of the container but in no case smaller than one-half of an inch.

The indirect waste pipes from this equipment may not combine with other indirect wastes; they must be individually piped to the receptor.

Last modified: February 16, 2023