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MARCH 14, 2024

From the 2024 UPC Illustrated Training Manual, Chapter 15 – ALTERNATE WATER SOURCES FOR NONPOTABLE APPLICATIONS

1503.2.3 Backwater Valves. Gray water drains subject to backflow shall be provided with a backwater valve so located as to be accessible for inspection and maintenance.

From the 2024 UPC Illustrated Training Manual, Chapter 5 – EXHAUST SYSTEMS

505.11 Hoods and Enclosures. Hoods and enclosures shall be used where contaminants originate in a concentrated area. The design of the hood or enclosure shall be such that air currents created by the exhaust systems will capture the contaminants and transport them directly to the exhaust duct. The volume of air shall be sufficient to dilute explosive or flammable vapors, fumes, or dusts in accordance with Section 505.3. Hoods of steel shall have a base metal thickness not less than 0.027 of an inch (0.686 mm) (No. 22 gauge) for Class 1 and Class 5 metal duct systems; 0.033 of an inch (0.838 mm) (No. 20 gauge) for hoods serving a Class 2 duct system; 0.044 of an inch (1.118 mm) (No. 18 gauge) for hoods serving a Class 3 duct system; and 0.068 of an inch (1.727 mm) (No. 14 gauge) for hoods serving a Class 4 duct system.

Approved nonmetallic hoods and duct systems shall be permitted to be used for Class 5 corrosive systems where the corrosive mixture is nonflammable. Metal hoods used with Class 5 duct systems shall be protected with an approved corrosion-resistant material. Edges of hoods shall be rounded. The minimum clearance between hoods and combustible construction shall be the clearance required by the duct system.

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