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TOTO USA Receives IAPMO EGS Certification

TOTO USA has decided to enlist the services of IAPMO EGS (Electrical, Gas and Solar), The IAPMO Group’s testing and certification division for electrical products, in certifying its products for the United States and Canadian markets.

TOTO, IAPMO EGS’ first customer, has most recently successfully obtained listings for its Washlet® and Neorest® family of products.

“The EGS mark of conformity validates that the end product safety requirements for a given standard are complied with,” said Fernando Fernandez, Director of Codes and Standards for TOTO. “TOTO’s entire family of products is engineered to optimize both hygiene and comfort. Using a water-cleansing system that leaves you fresh and rejuvenated, the Washlet® and Neorest® products utilize warm water, a heated seat, and a hands-free drying system that enhance personal hygiene.”

Neorest® models also feature water-efficient, automatic toilet flushing and a remote control. In addition, integrated energy-saving features are also programmable to fit the user’s needs. More information is available at www.totousa.com.

“We are excited to be provided with the opportunity to electronically list TOTO’s products under IAPMO EGS’ electrical certification program,” said Tony Zhou, Vice President of Engineering for IAPMO EGS.

IAPMO EGS is accredited as a certification body by the Standards Council of Canada and recognized by OSHA as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), which means that electrical products labeled with the IAPMO EGS certification mark meet the criteria necessary for acceptance by authorities having jurisdiction throughout the United States and Canada.

IAPMO EGS is also accredited by ANAB to test to more than 30 electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and EPA ENERGY STAR® standards covering pool and spa equipment, bathtub equipment, irrigation equipment, electric faucets and bidets, personal hygiene and health care appliances, and suction fittings. IAPMO EGS is a trusted name for independent testing and listing for the pool, spa, and bathtub industries. IAPMO EGS is committed to providing quality testing and listing services at competitive rates in a timely manner. Its knowledgeable staff works with manufacturers to ensure that each testing and listing project is handled efficiently, helping get the product to market more quickly. For more information, contact Tony Zhou at (909) 230-5536 or tony.zhou@iapmoegs.org, or direct your web browser to www.iapmoegs.org.

Last modified: April 18, 2016