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The Asthma & Allergy Friendly® Certification Program Collaborates With Trane for Innovative Solutions to Improve Indoor Air Quality

While celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Washington, D.C., the Ambassador of Ireland to the United States, Daniel Mulhall, highlighted a significant three-way relationship between Allergy Standards Ltd. (ASL), the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and Trane.

Allergy Standards Ltd. is an Enterprise Ireland client company and co-founded the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program with AAFA, the world’s largest and oldest patient advocacy organization dedicated to saving and improving lives of people affected by asthma and allergies.

The asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program announced today that Trane©, a climate innovator advancing the quality of life by creating comfortable, sustainable and efficient environments, has committed to collaborating with the Program on research & development and innovations for education on products which improve indoor air quality. This announcement was celebrated in Washington, D.C. with the Ambassador and Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Government agency which supports Irish businesses internationally.

The Global Ireland Lunch is attended by more than 300 Irish business leaders and government representatives aimed at fostering relationships and trade between the U.S. and Ireland.

Allergy Standards, based in Dublin, is led by a team of healthcare entrepreneurs and combats misleading product labelling claims through the asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program. Through the Program, Allergy Standards adds value to products scientifically proven to reduce allergen exposure. They also provide meaningful compliance and risk reports for businesses and data insights in an ‘allergy-aware’ world.

More than 65 million Americans are impacted by asthma and allergies, and symptoms are often exacerbated by avoidable triggers in household products. To address this issue, Allergy Standards Ltd. develops Certification Standards in partnership with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

“We are delighted that Trane’s innovation agenda will now also contribute to the Allergy Standards’ vision of a world where asthma and allergic exacerbations, caused by avoidable indoor triggers are eradicated,” said Dr. John McKeon, CEO of Allergy Standards.

Trane has received asthma & allergy friendly certification for its CleanEffects™ Whole Home Air Cleaner.

Kenneth Mendez, president and CEO of AAFA, attending the business lunch today said, “This global partnership between an Irish health technology company, an American patient advocacy organization and socially-conscious manufacturers is a world-class example for finding solutions to address today’s challenges with asthma and allergies.”

“Trane is honored to attend this event in Washington D.C. alongside Ambassador Mulhall, AAFA and Allergy Standards,” said Katherine Shin, Digital Business Leader for Trane Residential HVAC and Supply. “We look forward to expanding our work with the Certification Program and further building out our work to create healthier homes.”

About Trane
Trane – by Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator – creates comfortable, energy efficient indoor environments for commercial and residential applications. Trane solutions optimize indoor environments with a broad portfolio of energy efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, building and contracting services, parts support and advanced control. For more information, please visit http://www.trane.com or http://www.tranetechnologies.com.

About the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program
The asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program is a unique, ground-breaking collaboration between Allergy Standards Limited and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The Program tests and certifies products to prove their suitability for people with asthma and allergies. The program works with retailers and manufacturers to offer consumers products for a #healthierhome. CERTIFIED products include air cleaners and filters, paints, bedding, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, flooring and more. Visit aafa.org/certified for more information.

About Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland is the Irish State agency that works with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales in global markets. Enterprise Ireland partners with entrepreneurs, Irish businesses, and the research and investment communities to develop Ireland’s international trade, innovation, leadership and competitiveness. In this way, we support sustainable economic growth and regional development, and help create and sustain employment in Ireland. For more information visit enterprise-ireland.com.

Last modified: March 17, 2020