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Thank a Veteran, Help a Veteran


Greetings, everyone. I hope those of you who were able to our Education and Training Conference in San Antonio in September had a great time and received all the best benefits of attendance. I was unfortunately unable to be there, but all the feedback I have received has indicated it was a huge success, and I want to say thank you to every member who attended. Your regular participation in such IAPMO events is vital to the association.

I have been with the IAPMO organization for more than 30 years. I have had the pleasure of meeting a great many of you at some point during those years, and as many of you know one of my passions in life is supporting our United States veterans. My father served in the Vietnam War, and because of him it gives me joy to be a member of American Legion Post 291, and to volunteer my time helping our veterans who proudly served our country.

At least twice and sometimes three times a month I have the pleasure of meeting our veterans of war and engaging them in conversation. I have helped prepare meals, deliver food, bring them puzzles, games, cards, books, etc. These men and women who served our country sometimes need our help just to get through their day. I have firsthand knowledge that many of you served in our military, and after returning home you started your career in our industry and became an IAPMO member.

During the annual Veteran’s Day observance on Nov. 11, I was especially reminded of IAPMO’s veteran members. Every American is encouraged to stop and give thanks to those who defended our country; and I want to say thank you specifically to those IAPMO members who served. When I was thinking about this column, I felt the need to recognize the U.S. veterans who have served on our Board of Directors, as committee members, local chapter leaders, chapter members, etc.

As vice president of Membership, anytime a member passes away, I am notified almost immediately. In my 30 years I have met some amazing men and women, some of whom left us too soon. Here in America, we celebrate Veterans Day once a year, but as IAPMO members I want us to give thanks every day, and to lend a hand when the opportunity presents itself.

I am reaching out to my membership to get involved. If you are aware of a current or past member who is in need, please help. If you can provide some friendship, maybe help with chores, a ride to the doctor, send groceries through Instacart, help with errands … please do it. Let’s not forget our veteran brothers and sisters in this great industry!

Tricia Megee
Vice President of Membership at IAPMO

Last modified: December 20, 2023