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Sign up now for Imagine a Day Without Water 2020!

Join the nationwide movement on October 21

On October 21, we want you to join us for the sixth annual national day of education and awareness: Imagine a Day Without Water. Millions of Americans take water service for granted every day. With reliable water service, people don’t have to think twice about the infrastructure that brings water to their homes and safely returns water to the environment–but everyone should be concerned with the fragility of those systems.

On Imagine a Day Without Water, we ask the question: what would your day be like if you turned on the tap or flushed the toilet, and nothing happened? When you participate in Imagine a Day Without Water, you join a national movement of organizations raising awareness about our water and the critical infrastructure that brings it to and from our homes and businesses every day. Especially during a public health crisis that emphasizes the need for good hygiene practices and handwashing to keep us all safe and healthy, no one can take water for granted.

Sign Up Today!

For 2020, we have a new website and new content. Check it out for ideas on what you can do for Imagine a Day Without Water, use our resources and templates, and add your organization’s name to the list of participating organizations. Have questions about Imagine a Day Without Water? Email shuckins@uswateralliance.org. And mark your calendar now for October 21!

Last modified: September 2, 2020