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UPC Code Quiz | Spring 2022

Questions related to the 2018 UPC Study Guide, Chapter 10

Floor drains or similar traps directly connected to the drainage system and subject to infrequent use shall be _________________________________.

Each building trap when installed shall be provided with ______________________.

Interceptors shall be provided when, in the judgment of the Authority Having Jurisdiction, they are necessary for the proper handling of liquid wastes containing ______________________.

Interceptors for sand and similar heavy solids shall have a water seal of not less than _______.

Questions related to the 2018 UMC Study Guide, Chapter 10

Boiler and pressure vessels shall be provided with safety or pressure-relief valves __________ _______ as applicable.

Water heaters utilized for combined space and water heating applications shall be listed or labeled in accordance with ____________.

The Authority Having Jurisdiction shall have the authority to approve solid-fuel-fired boilers that __________________________________.

Boiler access passageways shall have an unobstructed width of not less than ______ inches.

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