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PT IAPMO Group Indonesia Receives ISO/IEC 17025 and 17065 Accreditations

The IAPMO Group’s product testing laboratory and certification facility in Jakarta, Indonesia, has achieved ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17065 accreditations from Komite Akreditasi Nasional (KAN), Indonesia’s national accreditation body, an important milestone following the facility’s opening last May. PT IAPMO Group Indonesia’s state-of-the-art laboratory and certification office in east Jakarta’s Lippo Cikarang, offers testing and certification services for plumbing product manufacturers in support of the implementation of Indonesia’s national plumbing standard, SNI 8153:2015, Plumbing Systems for Buildings, which was developed with the support of IAPMO utilizing the provisions of IAPMO’s flagship Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®).

“I wish to congratulate the staff in Indonesia on these momentously important achievements,” said GP Russ Chaney, CEO of The IAPMO Group. “These accreditations are a testament to their hard work, attention to detail, and professionalism in serving the plumbing industry of Indonesia for the benefit of the Indonesian peoples’ health and welfare.”

SNI 8153:2015 was released in March 2015, ushering in a new era of standardization for plumbing practices and products on behalf of the nation of more than 250 million. PT IAPMO Group Indonesia’s facility enables local manufacturers to have their products tested and evaluated to demonstrate compliance with the provisions of the plumbing standard.

“Indonesia features one of the fastest growing construction industries in the world, growth that is supported and enhanced by the implementation of a national plumbing standard and the means for manufacturers to tailor their products to it,” said Ken Wijaya, Executive Vice President of PT IAPMO Group Indonesia. “The now accredited testing and certification facility in Cikarang plays an integrally important role in that process.”

KAN is a non-structural institution, established by presidential decree in 2001 and responsible to the president of Indonesia. It is tasked with establishing accreditation of conformity assessment bodies and advising Badan Standardisasi Nasional (BSN), the national standardization agency of Indonesia.

“Accreditation is the backbone of The IAPMO Group’s work worldwide, whether it’s code and standard development, education and training, management systems certification, or in this instance product testing and certification, as it provides credibility and a high degree of confidence in the marketplace,” said Shirley Dewi, IAPMO R&T Senior Vice President of PT IAPMO Group Indonesia. “The IAPMO Group is committed to the policies and procedures necessary to maintain accreditation and is proud that our Indonesian facility has met these same high standards.”

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Last modified: January 23, 2017