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Pipe Crawler TROGLOTREK: New, Truly Portable Robotic Camera

A portable, fully battery-operated and compact pipe crawler for inspections in 4” to 12” pipelines. The whole system is light enough for a single operator to pick it up, transfer it to a jobsite, run the inspection on the battery with no power cables, generators or inverters.

WINNIPEG – It is often believed that a motorized crawler for sewer inspections has to be a bulky and complicated unit. Usually, a whole work team and a dedicated vehicle are needed to operate one of these systems. Not so with the new TROGLOTREK pipe crawler. Due to its thoughtful lightweight design and battery-based power supply, this crawler system boasts true portability. Weighing just 26 kg (57.3 lbs), the new inspection system can be carried around, set up on a jobsite and picked up after the job is done by just one operator driving a standard pickup truck, or SUV. Its battery-based power supply adds to its impressive portability. It allows for a thinner cable to be used since power does not need to be carried to the crawler via additional wiring all along the pull cable.

The 300 m (984 ft) cable is a Kevlar-reinforced lightweight 2 core twisted pair, while the reel is a durable steel/aluminum structure. The control unit of the system is integrated with a reel. It is equipped with a color display and direct text input capability. Recorded photo and video files are saved onto a removable SD card. The monitor, keyboard, and processor on the reel are IP67 waterproof for wet outdoor use.

The motorized tractor is a steerable 4-wheel drive device with 3 sets of wheels to choose from, a built-in inclinometer and an internal pressure monitor. The TROGLOTREK features interchangeable camera heads; either an economy straight view with or a pan, tilt and focus camera head. There is also a built-in reversing camera with rear lighting. Both cameras have a set of front and rear LED lights providing adequate illumination even in completely dark environments. The TROGLOTREK pipe crawler system can be used for a wide variety of inspections on 4” to 12” pipes without any attachments needed. Optional wheels and additional illumination allow for use in larger diameter pipes. The system is available for sale, rent and trial.

Last modified: June 16, 2020