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PHCC of California welcomes back Tracy Threlfall

It is with great pleasure and gratitude I return to the PHCC of California family as the Chief Executive Officer after a five-year hiatus. It’s a saying because it’s true – ‘There’s no place like home’. It’s wonderful to reunite with old friends and new. I’ve returned to my professional ideal with the trades and construction industry, and a state association led by a passionate group of volunteer leaders who are breaking new ground in membership engagement and industry initiatives. 

Our team is still second to none, and I’m lucky to rejoin such a positive and hard working group. Theresa Perez, our devoted Director of Apprenticeship and PHCC WEST Event Planner, Tim Rutledge, our award winning instructor who also works closely with IAPMO on code , Jerry Threlfall, our Office and Foundation Administrator who, behind the scenes, keeps the wheels turning in every area of the association, Alysia Starks, our phenomenal Director of First Impressions, and Taylor Dixon, our talented and enthusiastic Membership, Marketing and Foundation Coordinator, have all worked together tirelessly to support our volunteer leaders and association. I also want to thank our unsung hero, Donelle Collins, who supports our association in the complex accounting requirements for our not-for-profit companies. Finally, thanks go out to the departing Debbie Maus for her service to the PHCC of California and subsidiaries. We wish her the best in her new role with ABC Norcal.  

My goal is always to create a positive, member-centric work environment where we work hard to provide critical trainings, business solutions and member benefits that exceed the expectations of our local associations and our state membership.  I will be visiting most of you at your local association events soon and look forward to hearing your suggestions, your comments and ideas for association excellence! I am at your service. Remember, in addition to advocacy at the local, state and national level, you have access to complimentary quarterly 15-minute access to our labor law attorneys, resources in HR and EEO Compliance trainings, consultations to expand your marketing and social media presence through all channels, and we are your partner with the CSLB. 

You can email me at ceo@caphcc.org or call/text at 916-599-1816 for information on these benefits and the numerous benefits provided by our affiliate partners! Take advantage today, we are here to help!

Note: At the time of this publishing, Taylor Dixon has left the employ of PHCC of California. They thank her for her past service, and wish her the best in her future endeavors; she will be missed by many.

Last modified: June 13, 2022