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PermitUsNow Celebrates October Code Enforcement Month with Permitting Tips to Contractors

PermitUsNow, a construction industry award-winning permit expediting firm serving commercial and residential clients across the US, takes time to celebrate national Code Compliance Month. Established by the American Association of Code Enforcement many years ago, the National Code Compliance month recognizes the work performed by Code Enforcement Officers to make sure that buildings and infrastructure are safe for public use.

“We often receive calls from Project Owners and Contractors saying that Code Enforcement red tagged them for not having permits or a Certificate of Occupancy. We know that Code Enforcement Officers are doing a valuable job and we assist Contractors to comply with city ordinances.” Moruf Jimoh, AAIA, Technical Manager of PermitUsNow

Because some Contractors and Project Owners may lack the full breath of the importance of Code Enforcement Officers, the PermitUsNow team filled its October industry article “Contractors:  October is Code Compliance Month and Why You Should Care” with 7 corrective action steps to take when caught without a permit by Code Enforcement.

In addition, using the National Month of Code Enforcement recognition allows PermitUsNow to increase awareness to Contractors on the role of code enforcement and reasons to avoid ignoring red tags. To shrug off a code enforcement violation can lead to going to court and being fined is one reason.  

“We appreciate Code Enforcement Officers for their role in making sure buildings a safe. Shutting a construction job site down is stressful and the PermitUsNow team shares educational tips consistently to help contractors pull permits and to resolve permitting issues to build safe.” Helen Callier, President of PermitUsNow

For many years, PermitUsNow has worked with Code Enforcement Officers while working to bring Project Owners and Contractors into compliance with the appropriate permits. Having a business or job site to be shut down because of permit violations is costly for all parties involved in the construction of a project and can impact the local economy if project is shuttered for a long period.

About Permit Us Now
Founded in September 2016, PermitUsNow is the go-to one-stop building permitting firm that helps Architects, Contractors and Project Owners to save time and money plus start construction in a timely manner. PermitUsNow covers over 500 jurisdictions in Texas and has a national presence.  PermitUsNow has offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas and Jacksonville, FL.  PermitUsNow manages permitting from design phase to close out for commercial, institutional, and residential projects with a team of recognized experts. PermitUsNow was recognized by the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association with the LUNA Award in 2020; by SubContractors USA in 2021 as Top Contractor of the Year and President – Helen Callier was recognized as HBJ’s 2021 Women Who Mean Business.

PermitUsNow is a certified minority and woman-owned business. Clients of PermitUsNow include H-E-B, JOERIS, Burns and McDonnell, United Airlines, and Brake Check.

Learn more on PermitUsNow, LLC, visit http://www.permitusnow.com or follow @permitusnow, on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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Last modified: December 30, 2022