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PERMITS.com Launches FREE GovAccess Platform for Small Cities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico

17,000 Cities now have free access to a powerful permitting platform for contractors to speed recovery efforts and keep economies growing.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Permits.com®, a platform for property owners and contractors to apply for construction-related permits nationwide, announced today the launch of GovAccess™. Contractors in 17,000 cities and towns now have a free platform with GovAccess to expedite permit requests and inspections online. This enables contractors to quickly access critical information and approvals they desperately need to continue building in the face of COVID19 and beyond.

Due to the pandemic, building departments have closed or have restrictions on how they support service providers, workers and property owners. These restrictions limit the access, speed and procurement for contractors able and willing to work. Delayed permits and inspections could be long-lasting, ranging from costly project delays to potential public safety issues.

“We understand the impact COVID-19 is having on our country, particularly contractors operating in smaller municipalities,” said Permits.com CEO & Founder, Ray Antonino. “GovAccess strengthens the resilience of local governments, promotes civic engagement, and accelerates economic development by moving the permitting process online.”

Permits.com was designed in partnership with property owners, contractors, and local governments. Permits.com’s software is easy to activate and requires no integrations. Local municipalities pay nothing.

“We are uniquely positioned and committed to provide our GovAccess platform for no charge to help cities and the entire contracting communities during this tough time,” said Antonino. More on this offering can be found at https://govaccess.permits.com.

About Permits.com:
Permits.com® is a platform for contractors to apply for permits, validate project compliance, and access permitting insights through one portal for anywhere in the U.S and Puerto Rico. GovAccess™ is an exclusive product of Permits.com, a registered trademark of FieldVine, Inc, a South Carolina based technology company with an extensive background in permitting workflow and compliance tracking software. More at https://permits.com.

Last modified: April 30, 2020