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Not All Certification Marks of Conformity are Created Equally

Brand recognition. It’s something for which every company that is selling a product or service strives; when just a name or logo tells the consumer everything they need to know. Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and stadium naming rights to try and achieve this enviable status.

We at IAPMO R&T know a thing or two about brand recognition. Our cUPC® shield is known throughout our industry as the premiere mark of conformity for plumbing products in North America.

Manufacturers want the mark on their products because it carries the weight of 70-plus years experience certifying plumbing products. Contractors look for the mark because they don’t want delays at their job site; they want to be sure every product they use is approved with no questions or setbacks. Authorities Having Jurisdiction appreciate the mark because it instantly identifies a product they know has satisfied every necessary standard for safe operation within their community. Consumers trust the mark because they know it means the plumbing in their home, school or office complies with the standard.

That’s one powerful mark!

There are other marks of conformity out there, of course, but none that are wanted, sought, appreciated or trusted more than IAPMO R&T’s cUPC® shield; it is the mark that says it all with just one glance.

The difference between our brand recognition and, say, a grocery store product with the “name brand” is that the benefits of our recognition extend far beyond IAPMO R&T. These benefits are transferable, with a mark that works exactly as intended at every step along the way, for every entity that needs it to do so — manufacturer, contractor, inspector, and consumer. Each derives the value of the cUPC® mark of conformity.

This has not happened by accident. IAPMO and IAPMO R&T have worked for nearly eight decades to build unmistakable trust in our marks of conformity. Our cUPC® mark demonstrates compliance to the Uniform Plumbing Code®, the only plumbing code named an American National Standard and the basis of plumbing codes that protect more than one half of the world’s population. Lesser products have tried to achieve certification, but are repeatedly turned away. Others have met the standards in the past, but then failed to maintain compliance; these are also removed from our listings. A mark is only as good as the trust that can be placed in it and we accept nothing less than complete trust as the benchmark for our marks.

Look for the mark, discover the value. It’s not just our slogan; it’s our promise to you. To find out more about product certification through IAPMO R&T, give us a call or visit www.iapmort.org.

The cUPC® mark of conformity — don’t do any plumbing without it!

Ohannes Dembekjian
Executive Vice President of Continuous Compliance

Last modified: December 29, 2022