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Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources Accepts ASSE-Certified Backflow Protection Products

ASSE International, an ANSI-accredited standards developer and product certification body, is proud to announce that Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources now accepts ASSE-certified backflow protection products. As a result, ASSE manufacturing clients that list their backflow prevention products with ASSE are now able to market and sell their assemblies for installation in the state of Missouri.

Effective Feb. 28, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources adopted language allowing models of double check valve assemblies (DC) and reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assemblies (RPZ) that have been certified by ASSE.

IAPMO/ASSE International collaborated with the Missouri Safe Drinking Water Commission, whose responsibilities include adopting safe drinking water and advising the state’s Department of Natural Resources about various drinking water issues, to develop the language and rationale for its backflow prevention regulations in order to recognize ASSE’s certification of backflow preventers.

“This opens a new market for our clients,” said ASSE International Executive Director Tom Palkon. “We are happy that Missouri recognizes the stringent performance criteria of ASSE standards and our rigorous certification process that complies with ISO 17065.”

Last modified: December 19, 2023