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Ministry of Industry Appoints PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia as Conformity Assessment Body for SNI 03-0797-2006 Seated Water Closet Standard

The Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Industry has officially appointed PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia as a Conformity Assessment Body with the capabilities of Product Certifier and Testing Laboratory for SNI certification of the SNI 03-0797-2006 Seated Water Closet Standard. This appointment is based on Minister of Industry Decree No. 44 Year 2017.

The official appointment means that PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia is able to offer testing and certification to SNI 03-0797-2006 for domestic and overseas manufacturers of seated water closets. Because PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia conducts testing at its own facility, manufacturers are assured a faster lead time when it comes to certification. PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia is the only privately owned testing laboratory for SNI 03-0797-2006 in Indonesia.

“We truly appreciate the trust that the Ministry of Industry has given to IAPMO as a Conformity Assessment Body for the SNI 03-0797-2006 standard, which also marks an important milestone for IAPMO in Indonesia,” said Shirley Dewi, Senior Vice President of PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia. “Through this appointment, we look forward to assisting the plumbing industry in bringing quality seated water closet products to the marketplace more quickly.”

IAPMO’s certification marks of conformity carry the organization’s more than 70-year reputation for integrity and accountability. For more details about PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia’s services, please visit www.iapmoindonesia.org.

Last modified: January 4, 2018