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MIFAB Launches New Website

For the past eight months, they have worked tirelessly on an improved version of their website, which includes changes to make it more modern and user friendly.

At MIFAB, they are always striving to innovate and continuously improve our processes, and believe their new website supports this goal and the customers that they serve.

Check out some of the features on their new website:

New Navigation: Products are broken down into more defined categories, making them easier to find. No more scrolling!

Downloads Section: The downloads section is organized and contains the most up-to-date list pricing and current product catalogs are the first items in downloads section.

Search Function: Search by exact item/product to more quickly find what you are looking for.

We are still improving the search load time*.

Spec Sheets: Spec sheets are easy to find in a big and blue call-to-action button directly on product page.

Last modified: July 27, 2020