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March4Water Demonstrates Plumbing’s Vital Impact


March4Water is a new annual observance month launching in March 2023 by The IAPMO Group. More than 2.3  billion people globally do not have access to safely managed drinking water, and more than 2.2 million people in the United States live without running water or basic plumbing in their homes. The IAPMO Group recognizes the importance of safe and effective plumbing systems in keeping families and communities healthy and resilient.

March4Water brings together plumbing professionals and water advocates to raise awareness of how water and plumbing impact our lives. Each week in March — which also includes World Plumbing Day (March 11) and World Water Day (March 22) — will focus on the different roles water plays in our lives and the need to ensure our communities are safeguarded and ready for the future:

  • Week 1: How Plumbing Protects Public Health + Safety
  • Week 2: Effective Codes and Standards to Help Disaster Mitigation + Recovery
  • Week 3: Emerging Technologies for Water Sustainability + Efficiency
  • Week 4: Safe Clean Water for All: Assuring Affordability + Equity

“More than ever, our communities face new challenges related to water and wastewater systems,” said Dave Viola, The IAPMO Group CEO and World Plumbing Council deputy chair. “Extreme weather events, sea level rise, and the aging infrastructure systems that govern our water supply increase the risks to our families without strong science-based codes and standards.” 

Throughout March, IAPMO will host policymaker briefings, offering free webinars on emerging water technologies and providing public awareness materials, while the association’s International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH) will continue its annual World Plumbing Day international poster competition for children.

“March4Water is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the hardworking professionals and organizations on the front lines of water safety, and to come together to create plans for more resilient communities,” said Dain Hansen, IAPMO executive vice president of Government Relations. “By recognizing the vital role water plays in our lives, we can raise awareness and prioritize resources to ensure access to clean, safe water for all.”

To learn more, visit www.uniformcodes.org/march4water.

Geoff Bilau
Editor, Senior Writer for Marketing and Communications at IAPMO

Last modified: May 8, 2024