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IWSH Solidifies Plans for Next Community Plumbing Challenge Program at Indonesian Industry Event

The International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation (IWSH) unveiled plans for the next phase of the Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) Indonesia program during a presentation at the inaugural Indonesia Sustainable Construction and Plumbing Conference (ISCOP). ISCOP was co-located with Konstruksi Indonesia and Indonesia Infrastructure Week at Jakarta International Expo, which took place Nov. 6-8.

The new CPC Indonesia program will be presented in collaboration with Badan Standardisasi Nasional (BSN), the Indonesian standardization body, and PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia. It will be hosted in the coastal village of Kampung Nelayan Untia, on the outskirts of Makassar, South Sulawesi. The project’s initial focus will be the design and construction of a new public toilet and handwashing facility, intended to support ongoing efforts to drive further tourism to the village alongside improving local sanitary conditions for residents and the surrounding community.

“After the success of the pilot CPC Indonesia projects, hosted in Cicau Village, West Java, through 2017-18, we are excited to support and enable the growth, and development, of this program — particularly by working together and more closely with BSN, to do so,” said Shirley Dewi, Senior Vice President of PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia and an organizer of the ISCOP event. “We are so pleased the new CPC program has been showcased and received so positively at ISCOP this week, because the whole purpose of this conference has been to bring together professionals from the Indonesian construction and plumbing industries to network and share ideas on how to improve Indonesia’s development. The CPC is a platform that our industry can really get behind, as it opens so many doors for improved technical education and training, awareness around sustainable building codes and standards, and encourages greater behavioral change around public health issues linked to water, sanitation and hygiene.”

The new CPC Indonesia program commences with a Design Week project in Untia village, which will run from Nov 18-21. Over four days, a skilled international volunteer team comprising plumbers, architects and engineers will collaborate with local community host partners to develop a design and work plan for the new public toilet and handwashing facility, which will then be built to these specifications via a larger Construction Week project in May 2020.

“Design Week is going to bring together local residents, authorities, students and teachers, and combine them with skilled international volunteers from specialist technical backgrounds,” added IWSH International Program Director Seán Kearney. “The team will combine experience and expertise from eight countries — Indonesia, Australia, India, Ireland, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, and the USA. So we are all set for a busy and productive week, which will kick off the next phase of the CPC Indonesia program and will move our collaborations and partnerships here to the next level.”

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Last modified: November 14, 2019