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Infinity Drain Introduces Stainless Steel Shower Base

Infinity Drain, the manufacturer at the forefront of architectural and decorative drains, is now offering a game-changing option for commercial bathroom installation with its new Stainless Steel Shower Base. The Infinity Drain Stainless Steel ShowerBase is guaranteed for life against waterproofing failure. If the product should develop a leak, Infinity Drain will bear the cost of labor, removal, replacement, and will restore the installation with the same ‘like and kind” materials originally used.

“From the 512 linear drains customized for the TWA hotel at the JFK Airport to the bathrooms and spas at the renowned One57 building located in the epicenter of New York, we have worked with the best in the business to meticulously craft customized drain systems that match exact specifications in a range of applications,” notes Jonathan Brill, president of Infinity Drain. “We’re excited to offer another innovative, customizable solution that makes shower installation a far more seamless experience.”

Available sizes include a 60” x 30” option as well as custom sizing for quantities of 10 or more. The new shower base also dramatically reduces the amount of time required to install a new bathroom shower and decreases the need for trade coordination. Because it is ready to tile, pre-sloped and does not require additional waterproofing on the walls, it eliminates many time consuming steps that traditional methods require.

Additional features of the Shower Base include a curb or curbless option and the ability to use any grate style or tile insert.

“Our dedication to innovation continues to keep Infinity Drain top of mind among interior designers, builders and discerning consumers around the world,” notes Brill. “This product offers substantial time savings and peace of mind for specifiers installing multiple showers.”

Infinity Drain Custom Stainless Steel Shower Base Features:
• Available sizes: 60” x 30” or custom sizes (minimum quantity 10)
• Stainless steel shower base is completely waterproof
• Additional waterproofing on wall is optional
• Ready to tile
• Available with any grate style or tile insert
• Curb or curbless option
• Lifetime guarantee
• Plumbing code compliant for use as prefabricated shower receptor
I• APMO tested to IAPMO PS-106-2015 standard
• Integrated drain body
• With a 6” sleeve on foundation, the 2” no hub connection through slab allows for 2” variance in any direction
• Shower base sets shower framing for exact wall to wall installation
• Factory flood tested as per UPC and IPC standards

For additional information, visit infinitydrain.com.

Last modified: August 17, 2020