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IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service Issues ER-271 and ER-272 to Quadrant Urethane Technologies

IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Service (UES) is pleased to announce that Texas-­based Quadrant Urethane Technologies was issued UES Evaluation Reports ER-271 and ER-272 on QuadFoam® 500 and QuadFoam® 2.0, respectively. ER-­271 and ER-272 set forth the compliance of QuadFoam 500 and QuadFoam2.0 under the 2009 and 2006 International Building Code® (IBC), the 2009 and 2006 International Residential Code® (IRC), and the 2009 and 2006 International Energy Conservation Code® (IECC). ER-271 and ER-272 summarize and document the substantiating data evidence of QuadFoam 500’s and QuadFoam 2.0’s satisfaction of applicable code requirements. The issuance of the reports allows for the specification of QuadFoam 500 and QuadFoam 2.0 by architects, contractors, specifiers and designers, and approval of installations by code officials. The evaluation reports give code officials a concise summary of the products’ attributes and documentation of code compliance.

Products recognized under the UES program undergo evaluation based on applicable requirements within the International Family of Codes, as well as codes published by other entities. UES staff examined QuadFoam 500 and
QuadFoam 2.0 product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to assess the products’ code compliance.

“Working with UES staff was an excellent experience all the way around,” said Navin Pydugadu, product line manager of Quadrant Urethane Technologies. “Of course, getting recognition for a new product line is a large undertaking. UES staff worked with us every step of the way, answering our questions, keeping us abreast of the report progression from beginning to publishing. Their technical expertise and communication were very effective and perhaps the cornerstone of this successful project. I highly recommend UES.”

The UES program is built upon IAPMO’s more than 70 years of experience in evaluating products for code compliance. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the program operates under ISO/IEC Guide 65, “General Requirements for Bodies Operating Product Certification Systems.”

UES Director Richard Beck, PE, CBO, MCP, explains why Uniform Evaluation Reports are so valuable: “Quadrant Urethane Technologies can now reference its ER-­271 on QuadFoam 500 and ER-­272 on QuadFoam 2.0 to ensure that code officials quickly have the information required for their decision on approval. Our program also stands out because of stellar customer service and the utilization of in-­house staff along with the technical expertise of professional engineering firms, who are leaders in each area of recognition.”

IAPMO’s UES offers a full range of recognition opportunities, including recognition for the applicable national model codes, as well as Florida, California and various other state codes. The UES program increases the value to code officials of these reports by combining all of these recognitions in one concise report prepared by an internationally recognized product certification body.

For more information on IAPMO Uniform ES, direct your Web browser to www.Uniform-ES.org or contact Karen Snowden at (909) 472-­‐4105 or karen.snowden@iapmoes.org.

IAPMO Uniform ES evaluates building products, materials and designs according to all applicable codes and standards, ensuring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO Uniform ES is part of The IAPMO Group.

Last modified: December 20, 2012