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IAPMO’s Uniform Evaluation Reports are Accepted by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building Safety without Requiring City’s Research Reports

The city of Los Angeles Department of Building Safety continues to accept IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service Reports under the revised Information Bulletin (IB) 119 — exactly as it did under the previous 2008 version. Manufacturers holding Uniform ES reports representing a wide range of product categories are recognized by the city without requiring development of the city’s own research report.

Included on the list are non-­structural or fire-­life safety alternatives, such as conforming building materials and products listed with acceptable current evaluation reports. These include exterior wall coatings, interior finishes, fire assemblies, insulation and roofing materials. For a complete list, please see section B.2 of Information Bulletin (IB) P/BC-­2011-­119 posted on the Los Angeles Department of Building Safety Website.

“The city of Los Angeles’ decision to continue accepting IAPMO Uniform Evaluation reports broadens our already widely regarded reputation as the fastest growing evaluation service in America,” said IAPMO Uniform ES Director Richard Beck PE, CBO, MCP. “As Uniform Evaluation Services continues to grow, manufacturers have my word that we will always advance the needs of our customers, and that we will continue to provide the city with evaluation reports that are rigorously reviewed by appropriate design professionals.”

In addition to evaluations to the code and its consensus standards, Uniform ES uses a unique and trusted review process for innovative products. Section 104.11 of the International Building Code® allows Uniform ES to facilitate acceptance of new technologies in the marketplace through determination that the proposed design satisfactorily complies with the intent of code, and that the product is at least equivalent to that prescribed by the applicable code in the areas noted. This is accomplished by rigorous review of laboratory test reports, sealed engineering calculations and other supporting data. Amir Zamanian, PE, Uniform ES technical director, noted that, “To reduce costs, we use existing standards where possible, but occasionally it becomes necessary to develop criteria.” One of Uniform ES’ proudest achievements is its average report turnaround time. From receipt of all required information to posting on the Website is, on average, a 3-­
to 4-month process at Uniform ES. Other agencies charge extra to deliver a 6-month turnaround.

For more information on IAPMO Uniform ES, direct your Web browser to uniform-­es.org or contact Karen Snowden at (909) 472-­‐4105 or Karen.Snowden@uniform-es.org.

IAPMO Uniform ES evaluates building products, materials and designs according to all applicable codes and standards, ensuring continuous compliance to such documents. IAPMO Uniform ES is part of The IAPMO Group.

Last modified: October 31, 2012