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IAPMO’s Backflow Prevention Institute to Expand Certification Class Offerings

Early next year, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials’ Backflow Prevention Institute will begin offering an expanded program of certification classes in backflow prevention installation, assembly repair, and cross-connection surveying. Several new four- and eight-hour training classes for building, plumbing, and mechanical inspectors will also be offered, along with online seminars.

These programs, which are being developed, are in addition to the ASSE cross-connection training IAPMO BPI has been conducting for a number of years. BPI is bridging the gap between the different stakeholders who make up the cross-connection industry by offering certification and training to individuals in the inspection, irrigation, water, and wastewater industries. As an industry leader in cross-connection training, BPI is continuously expanding its programs to new areas across the United States.

IAPMO BPI is looking for volunteers for its new certification committees who will work to develop strong and balanced training requirements, guidelines, and both written and practical examinations for these new certifications. For more information, please contact IAPMO BPI Vice President of Operations Sean Cleary at (909) 996-5336 or by e-mail at sean.cleary@iapmo.org.

About IAPMO’S Backflow Prevention Institute
The IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute provides education and training services to increase both private and professional awareness of potential hazards to the public drinking supply relating to backflow, cross connections, and backsiphonage.

BPI partners with other industry groups to provide free backflow prevention devices for qualifying nonprofit organizations and publishes Backflow Prevention and Plumbing Standards magazine. Articles provide information and products, and assist in the awareness of the potential hazards associated with the quality of the drinking water supply. The motto of the IAPMO Drinking Water and Backflow Prevention Program is “Dedicated to Water System Safety Worldwide.”

Last modified: December 19, 2023