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IAPMO Seeks Committee Members for the National Adoption of ISO 30500 as an American National Standard (ANS) and National Standard of Canada (NSC)

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO®) is seeking volunteers with a technical background in non-sewered sanitation systems (NSSS), such as jurisdictional authorities, testing lab and educational facility representatives, and manufacturing experts, to participate on the technical committee for the national adoption of ISO 30500. The standard, Non-sewered sanitation systems — Prefabricated integrated treatment units — General safety and performance requirements for design and testing, is an international standard developed by 32 participating economies and 16 observing members. ISO 30500 was published in early October 2018. The ISO 30500 standard specifies general safety and performance requirements for design and testing, as well as sustainability considerations, for non-sewered sanitation systems. An NSSS, for the purposes of this document, is a prefabricated integrated treatment unit comprising frontend (toilet facility) and backend (treatment facility) components. It is applicable to sanitation systems that are either manufactured as one package or manufactured as a set of prefabricated elements designed to be assembled in one location without further fabrication or modification that influences the system function.

The technical committee will be responsible for the national adoption of the ISO 30500 standard as an American National Standard (ANS) and National Standard of Canada (NSC). The committee will operate in accordance with IAPMO’s accredited procedures for standards development:
IAPMO PP-1 (Policies and Procedures for Consensus Development of American National Standards)
IAPMO PP-2 (Policies and Procedures for Development of National Standards of Canada)

Founded in 1926, IAPMO seeks to be a worldwide leader in the plumbing and mechanical industry through protecting health and safety. IAPMO develops industry standards with a focus on plumbing products, solar heating systems and components, mechanical products (including heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration system products) and products used in the recreational vehicle and the manufactured housing industry.

For more than 30 years, IAPMO has developed American National Standards, initially as the Secretariat for the ANSI Z124 Technical Committee, and since 2005 as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited standards development organization. On May 10, IAPMO received accreditation through the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for development of National Standards of Canada, thus accepting responsibility for the development of CAN/IAPMO-designated standards. The deadline to apply is Feb. 15, 2019. Those interested in participating may apply at the following URL and by selecting “ISO 30500 National Adoption Committee” on the application.

Interested parties may contact Kyle Thompson at 909-230-5534 or by email at kyle.thompson@iapmo.org.

Last modified: December 5, 2018