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IAPMO R&T Creates New Water Systems Mark of Conformity

IAPMO R&T, North America’s premier third-party testing and certification body for plumbing, mechanical, and water treatment products, has created a new mark of conformity for its Water Systems certification program. The new mark, which complements other long-established and easily recognizable logos displayed upon products certified as compliant by IAPMO R&T, is designed to help consumers distinguish products that have been evaluated to performance standards specific to drinking water quality.

The Water Systems program, which tests and certifies such products as point-of-use drinking water treatment units, shower filters, and microbiological purifiers, informs and provides the utmost confidence to regulators, inspectors, manufacturers, distributers, installers, engineers, and consumers that products have been tested and certified to all applicable standards.

“We believe the availability of a Water Systems mark of conformity unique to these specific products not only assists consumers in making informed purchasing decisions, but also gives manufacturers a valuable tool in marketing their products to end users,” said Tom Palkon, IAPMO Senior Vice President – Water Systems.

The new mark is backed by the credibility of The IAPMO Group’s eight decades of experience certifying products related to drinking water health and purity. The Water Systems program touches upon all the hallmarks of IAPMO R&T’s industry leading certification service — efficiency, affordability, attentiveness, trust, recognition, and integrity.

For more information on the Water Systems mark of conformity or getting products tested and certified to display it, direct your web browser to www.iapmort.org/watersystems or contact Palkon at (708) 995-3006 or tom.palkon@iapmort.org.

Last modified: March 14, 2016