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IAPMO Publishes Manual of Recommended Practice for Toilet Room Design: All Gender, Health, Safety, Privacy and Security

Ontario, Calif. — The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO®) has published the Manual of Recommended Practice for Toilet Room Design: All Gender, Health, Safety, Privacy and Security. On Sept. 15, 2021, IAPMO initiated the Bathroom Design Task Group to create a manual to provide code enhanced and adoptable language for all-gender restrooms.

The task group’s work culminated in the release of this manual, which addresses toilet room design, specifically when it comes to all-gender accessibility and privacy concerns. While developed as a guidance document, it is written in mandatory language so building and health departments can easily adopt and codify the requirements. Additionally, this standalone document includes excerpts from the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®) and an appendix with sample signage to provide industry with examples. The task group consisted of industry experts from across the nation. 

“The task group worked diligently to create a manual that addresses the concerns of restroom accessibility for all genders while also providing consideration for safety and privacy within the restroom environment,” IAPMO Vice President of Technical Services and Research Christoph Lohr said. “This manual is a great step in equal consideration for all human beings. Special thanks to our task group chair, Brian Hamner, and the rest of the volunteer group that was able to find holistic solutions in addressing simultaneous and varying concerns.”

The IAPMO manual may be downloaded for free HERE.

For questions, please contact Christoph Lohr at (909) 731-0219 or christoph.lohr@iapmo.org, or Hugo Aguilar at (909) 472-4111 or hugo.aguilar@iapmo.org.


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Last modified: March 27, 2023