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IAPMO Participates in White House Green Infrastructure Leadership Roundtable

Washington, D.C. — International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO®) Government Relations Vice President Dain Hansen on Wednesday was invited to attend a pair of White House events surrounding green infrastructure.

At a morning leadership roundtable, Hansen spoke on IAPMO’s green initiatives and detailed the association’s commitment to the Green Infrastructure Collaborative, part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan. Michael Boots, chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and Gina McCarthy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator, hosted the event at the White House during which leaders from private sector organizations committed to advancing implementation of green infrastructure joined senior Administration officials to highlight such efforts. Collaborative members worked to establish and develop plans to meet such goals as building climate resilience and more cost-effective stormwater run-off and rainwater harvesting.

Hansen also attended the White House Council on Environmental Quality’s GreenGov Dialogue on Green Infrastructure in the afternoon, another roundtable event highlighting the importance of green infrastructure and low-impact development, and providing a forum to share best practices, lessons learned, and results achieved from green infrastructure implementation in both the private and public sectors.

“With the White House taking the lead and hosting such a high-caliber event, it sends a strong message on the urgent needs our nation must address,” Hansen said. “The IAPMO Group is excited about the creation of such a collaborative, and with our experts and programs being second-to-none, we are committed in bringing these to the table to assist the federal government as they seek answers to highly complex problems.”

IAPMO has long championed conservation of natural resources and was a leader of the green movement before it had such a name. Its Green Plumbing and Mechanical Code Supplement is the first document of its kind to bring standardization to more efficient plumbing and mechanical systems.

For more information on IAPMO’s green initiatives, contact Hansen at (202) 414-6177 or dain.hansen@iapmo.org.

Last modified: October 8, 2014