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IAPMO Makes Tentative Interim Amendment Available for Public Comment

In accordance with the IAPMO Regulations Governing Committee Projects, IAPMO announces a tentative interim amendment (TIA) to the 2021 edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code® (UPC) has been submitted for public comment.

TIA UPC 001-21 revises text in UPC Table 603.2 Backflow Prevention Devices, Assemblies, and Methods. The comment form may be downloaded here.

IAPMO invites all interested parties to review the proposed TIA at here and respond by filling out the comment form.

The deadline to submit comments is Dec. 2.

Completed forms for the UPC may be emailed to Enrique Gonzalez, plumbing code development administrator, at enrique.gonzalez@iapmo.org.

Last modified: November 18, 2020