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IAPMO India, WQA India Sign MOU to Collaborate on Certification Program for Drinking Water Treatment Systems

IAPMO India and Water Quality India Association (WQA India) have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) establishing an agreement to collaborate on the administration of the Certification Scheme for Drinking Water Treatment Systems that Make Microbiological Reduction Claims.

WQA India, an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to water quality improvement, has developed a microbiological standard for evaluation of water treatment devices that make claims of microbiologically safe water. Products meeting this standard will be given the “Seal of Purity” by WQA India. This will be an important differentiator in the marketplace between compliant and non-compliant products.

IAPMO India, which operates successful certification programs for the plumbing industry, will now undertake certification of products seeking listing to the new microbiological standard. Some of IAPMO’s better known certification programs include Uniform Illustrated Plumbing Code – India (UIPC-I), Uniform Mechanical Code – India (UMC-I), Uniform Solar Energy Code – India (USEC-I), and Water Efficient Products – India (WEP-I) standards.

“IAPMO is excited to partner with WQA India on this effort,” said Tom Palkon, IAPMO Senior Vice President – Water Systems. “Product testing and certification of water treatment equipment provides consumers added confidence in products they purchase to protect their family.”

Point-of-use systems for drinking water treatment are used in households to alleviate health risks by reducing numerous potential disease-causing contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and disinfectant resistant parasites. The new certification scheme, which conforms to ISO/IEC 17067 “Conformity Assessment – Fundamentals of Product Certification and Guidelines for Product Certification Schemes,” establishes standards by which such products’ reduction claims may be measured and certified as satisfying.

“Microbiological impurities, such as bacteria and viruses, are the number one cause of waterborne diseases and infant deaths in India,” said Rajul Parikh, President, WQA India. “WQA India has launched a product certification program, which will certify that the product in question meets with stringent microbiological norms. Such complying products will be marked with a unique “Seal of Purity,” easy for the customer to recognize. WQA India plans to offer newer certifications in the future, testing water purifiers to different standards, and will be collaborating with IAPMO toward this goal.”

IAPMO Plumbing Codes and Standards India Private Limited (known as IAPMO India) was founded in 2007 with offices at Bengaluru and Pune. IAPMO India and the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) began, and continue to foster, a strong and essential partnership to better provide for the industry. The latest and most comprehensive plumbing codes and training and education programs for code-based plumbing installations and maintenance for all of India developed from this partnership.

The Water Quality India Association is a legal entity in the Republic of India. This not-for-profit entity was incorporated on Sept. 16, 2014, under the Indian Companies Act and has been promoted by the members of India Task Force of Water Quality Association (WQA). This not-for-profit entity collaborates with the Water Quality Association USA (WQA), but functions independently.

Last modified: February 25, 2016