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IAPMO India to Run Water Quality India Association’s Operations

IAPMO India has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Water Quality India Association (WQIA) calling for IAPMO India to execute the WQIA’s operations in India as the management agency. In addition to managing the WQIA’s daily administrative tasks, IAPMO India will provide direction to help the association achieve its strategic goals.

IAPMO India will manage and organize membership, meetings, standard development, training, certifications, public relations, social media initiatives, and the website, in addition to other routine administrative functions. The leading association for the water treatment industry in India, WQIA will now have IAPMO India’s support in promoting industry initiatives throughout the country. The MoU was signed Feb. 21.

“The IAPMO Group has vast experience in managing associations all over the world, providing the necessary scientific and intellectual input to help associations meet their goals and objectives,” said Dr. K. Chandrasekhar, Interim Managing Director of IAPMO India. Chandrasekhar will also serve as Chief Operating Officer of the WQIA and will work closely with the WQIA board to manage its activities.

“This strategic association with IAPMO India will not only help in better management of the WQIA and its programs, but by including the plumbing industry sets the tone to broaden the scope of water quality in India, where focus on water quality is nascent today,” said outgoing WQIA President Ms. Rajul Parikh, Director of Alfaa UV.

The WQIA’s incoming President, Sarjan Watertech India Pvt. Ltd. Managing Director Mr. Sunil Trivedi, said, “IAPMO’s assistance in effective management of our association will help the WQIA penetrate deeply across the country with various activities for all categories of members and to be a strong supporter of the water industry. It will also help the WQIA fulfill its vision and mission by achieving its objectives.”

IAPMO Plumbing Codes and Standards India Private Limited (known as IAPMO India) was founded in 2007, with an office in Bengaluru. IAPMO India develops the latest and most comprehensive plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, solar, and sustainability/efficiency codes for India. IAPMO India also conducts training and educational activities, develops product performance standards, and certifies products and professionals.

The Water Quality India Association, incorporated Sept. 16, 2014, under the Indian Companies Act, is a not for-profit legal entity of the Republic of India. The WQIA has been promoted by members of the India Task Force of the Water Quality Association (WQA). Its mission is to be recognized as a reliable resource for information about water quality issues and to advocate for improved water quality throughout India.

Last modified: March 9, 2018