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IAPMO India Releases 2017 Uniform Mechanical Code-India, Illustrated Volume II

IAPMO India, during ISHRAE’s conference and ACRESERVE India 2017 tradeshow, introduced the 2017 edition of the Uniform Mechanical Code-India, Illustrated Volume II (2017 UMC-I TM), which covers specific chapters of the UMC-I highlighted as priorities throughout the industry. Volume I was introduced in March at the ACREX India 2017 tradeshow in Delhi.

The 2017 UMC-I provides requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of heating, mechanical ventilation, cooling, refrigeration, and miscellaneous building services and systems, while at the same time allowing latitude for innovation and new technologies. The UMC-I is the most comprehensive document ever created in India to standardize sustainable residential, industrial, and commercial HVAC and mechanical systems.

Subjects contained within the 2017 UMC-I, Illustrated Volume II, include: combustion air, chimneys and vents, steam and hot water boilers, fuel gas piping, process piping, solar systems, stationary power plants/fuel cells, and firestop protection. Volume I covers ventilation air supply, exhaust systems, duct systems, installation of specific appliances, refrigeration systems and cooling towers, and hydronics.

“IAPMO India aims to meet our country’s growing need in this space through various codes and standards, such as the Uniform Mechanical Code-India,” said R V Simha, HVAC Consulting Engineer and founding member of ISHRAE. “The efforts of IAPMO India’s dedicated, earnest determinations over the years are duly being rewarded. This trend is sure to continue and take you and your organization to taller and taller peaks of achievement.”

The process of developing the standard brought together volunteers representing varied viewpoints and interests to achieve consensus on mechanical issues. IAPMO India hopes widespread awareness and adoption of this code will result in a combined effort by the entire construction and infrastructure sector toward a cleaner and greener environment, thereby greatly reducing India’s carbon footprint.

“It gives us a great opportunity to be associated with societies such as ISHRAE and organizations across India to develop the 2017 UMC-I, representing an invaluable combination of our globally gathered expertise and knowledge of India’s best and most seasoned HVAC-R professionals,” said Megan Lehtonen, Senior Vice President of International Business Development for The IAPMO Group. “Indeed, a fruitful relationship that goes a long way in creating better standards and professionals, ultimately working for the benefit of the Indian society.”

“Widespread awareness and adoption of these codes could result in a combined effort by the entire construction and infrastructure sector toward a cleaner and greener environment, thereby greatly reducing the carbon footprint,” said Neeta Sharma, IAPMO India Managing Director.

In support of the standard, IAPMO India’s UMC-I certification assists HVAC-R product manufacturers in marketing energy efficient heating ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and allied products by promoting acceptance by Authorities Having Jurisdiction across the country. Similarly, IAPMO India further supports the UMC-I via its cutting-edge concept of code-based education, including the Mechanical Education to Employment Program (MEEP), which trains university and trade school students at the entry level to address the impending shortage of skilled workers. Graduates of the multi-level MEEP training receive the option of obtaining professionally qualified certifications.

Last modified: December 20, 2017