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IAPMO Code Change Monographs Now Available

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO®) has made the 2013 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®) and Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC®) Technical Committee Meeting Monographs available for download.

All individuals anticipating an active role in the ANSI-accredited consensus development of the Uniform Codes at the Technical Committee meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 29-May 4, will need to download this document in Adobe PDF format. Hardcopy versions will not be available at the meetings.

The Technical Committee Meeting Monographs contain every code change proposal submitted for the 2015 editions of the UPC and UMC as part of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited consensus code development process employed by IAPMO.

Proposed changes to the UPC include: residential fire sprinkler provisions being added to Chapter 6 (Water Supply and Distribution); roof drainage pipe sizing provisions that are based on research conducted by the ASPE Research Foundation and IAPMO R&T Lab; revising the provisions of Chapter 13 (Health Care Facilities and Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems) in accordance with the latest version of NFPA 99; revised medical gas and vacuum sizing tables based on ASPE research; adding material, water consumption and referenced standard requirements for all plumbing fixtures. Sustainability, flush volumes and water consumption will dominate the proposed changes.

Proposed changes to the UMC include: guards, condensate control, and air filter requirements; revisions to the general clearance requirements; parking garage provisions; air class provisions based on ASHRAE 62.1; provisions for common clothes dryer exhaust; provisions for type II hoods; hydronic heating and cooling systems and several proposals involving commercial kitchen exhaust; plastic ducts, flexible air ducts and insulation of ducts; smoke and fire dampers; and several proposals involving specific appliances.

For additional information, please contact Alma Ramos at (909) 230-5528 or alma.ramos@iapmo.org.

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Last modified: March 28, 2013