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IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute Conducts First ASSE 5130 Backflow Repair Certification Class in California

The IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute (BPI) recently held the first ASSE 5130 Backflow Repair Certification class in California. This two-day, 20-hour certification class took place at IAPMO World Headquarters in Ontario.

Last year, BPI opened a state-of-the-art wet lab and classroom facility in Ontario and began holding ASSE 5110 backflow tester certification classes there on a regular basis. Using ASSE International as its third-party certification agency, BPI is proud to be affiliated with the largest and one of the oldest cross-connection control certification programs in the United States.

Following up on a tester class conducted on July 21-25, the repair class took place on July 26-27. Thirteen individuals from all over California took part in this groundbreaking training and certification event. Sean Cleary, vice-president of Operations for BPI, was the lead instructor. Chris Camacho, a cross-connection control specialist for the city of Santa Monica, and Tom Allingham, owner and operator of Backflow Services of San Diego, assisted Cleary with the class.

Over the course of the 20 hours, participants received classroom instruction related to the testing and repair of a large variety of backflow prevention assemblies and devices. Working in the wet lab, students rebuilt valves ranging in size from one-half inch to six inches in diameter from a number of different manufacturers. Confined space, large valve repair, safety, troubleshooting, testing protocols and a number of other issues were covered in depth.

Students working in teams were able to share their personal experiences and knowledge in the cross-connection industry with others throughout the two-day event. The class concluded with the proctored ASSE 5130 practical and written examinations.

IAPMO BPI has scheduled another repairer certification class for Dec. 13-14 in Ontario, Calif. For more information or to register, please visit www.iapmobpi.org or call 1-885-536-2800.

Last modified: December 19, 2023