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IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute Announces Expansion

IAPMO’s Backflow Prevention Institute will expand into new areas of endeavor, including research and development of world-class training and educational programs, The IAPMO Group’s CEO GP Russ Chaney announced Friday.

“In the near future, IAPMO will have the pleasure of participating in a joint announcement with a major university pertaining to groundbreaking research on water systems,” Chaney said. Further details will be provided as soon as the program is finalized.

Dr. Stuart Asay, PE, director of the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute, has agreed to participate in the research, contributing his technical expertise on behalf of IAPMO. Director of Special Programs Pete DeMarco will oversee the administrative aspects for IAPMO in coordination with the university.

“IAPMO has one of the best backflow prevention, cross connection control programs in the United States,” Chaney said. “IAPMO’s code development work internationally has now created the opportunity to introduce many nations to the concept of backflow prevention. Dr. Asay has accepted the challenge to work with the excellent IAPMO Training and Education staff to develop new and innovative training materials and educational programs for the people in these areas.”

Dr. Asay added: “These two projects are massive efforts, but I look forward to the challenge. The results will have a beneficial impact on people all over the world.”

In response to the new demands on Dr. Asay, Sean Cleary has been named acting director of IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute Training and Education. In this capacity, Cleary will be responsible for jurisdictional program approvals, as well as all aspects of Backflow Prevention training, education and certification administered by IAPMO.

“Sean is exceptionally well qualified for these duties, having served the backflow prevention industry in many important and impressive capacities throughout his career,” Chaney said. “I look for Sean to continue the impressive growth of the IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute.”

Last modified: December 19, 2023