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Hydronics Industry Alliance H2O Accepted Website Goes Live

The Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) and the Hydronics Industry Alliance – Commercial (HIA-C), a committee of the RPA, announced today that the H2O Accepted website is now live at www.h2oaccepted.org.

H2O Accepted is a new initiative of the HIA-C, designed to showcase the advantages of water-based (hydronic) commercial building space heating and cooling technologies. No other method of heating or cooling a building offers as many choices to control first cost, or offers the same ease of maintenance that hydronic systems can provide. This is due in large part to the wide variety of hydronic system “types” and components that can be utilized in a water-based HVAC system. These many different methods of delivery range from radiators and fan coil units to radiant (in-floor, in-wall, in-ceiling) and chilled beams (for cooling applications). And unlike some other HVAC system types, hydronic system components are interchangeable and available from numerous U.S.-based manufacturers.

A significant percentage of all new “net zero” commercial buildings are utilizing radiant technologies due to their operational cost-effectiveness and comparatively low first cost. In addition, hydronic-based space conditioning systems can be configured to eliminate any on-site combustion of fossil fuels, making them an excellent choice for locations where new fossil fuel-based heating and cooling utility connections are increasingly becoming prohibited at the local jurisdictional level, in an effort to “electrify everything.”

Visit the H2O Accepted website for more information, or check www.hia-c.org for participating company contact information.

Last modified: December 13, 2019