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Discover the Unmatched Value of the UPC Mark of Conformity

Often we say “Look for the UPC® mark and discover its value” because we cannot emphasize enough that the UPC® mark carries a value that is important to your business and products — a value that has no substitute. The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®) has been published for more than 80 years to serve the industry, and the UPC® mark of conformity used to signify the compliance of products to the code for many decades.

Today in North America, all major plumbing manufacturers certify their products to the
UPC®, nearly every plumbing distributor carries products that display the UPC® shield on them, almost every plumber installs products bearing the UPC® shield, and plumbing inspectors trust the UPC® shield when they inspect and accept the new installations. Fact is, the UPC® shield mark is the most recognized mark for plumbing products in North America and around the world — a significant distinction given that provisions from the Uniform Plumbing Code® protect more than half the world’s population.

We would like to share with you the top-five most important values of the UPC® mark, which are the main reasons why it is so vital for manufacturers to obtain UPC® certification for their plumbing products.

Value No. 1 — The UPC® mark means compliance to the most accepted code by the most trusted experts, our Product Certification Committee

The UPC® shield mark is synonymous with protecting the health and safety of the public through plumbing. First, displaying the UPC® shield on a product indicates the product has gone through a rigorous process to confirm its compliance with the codes and standards that govern its use. About a year ago, we had an article about our Product Certification Committee (PCC). The PCC is a group of volunteer members, a majority of them plumbing officials representing jurisdictions across the United States and Canada. Products that are certified and eligible to carry the UPC® mark have been reviewed and approved by the PCC after a comprehensive and thorough review process by IAPMO R&T’s technical staff. Through our PCC process, each application is evaluated for code compliance, in addition to complying with the requirements of applicable performance standards. It is the plumbing officials’ No. 1 job to protect the health and safety of the public through plumbing — and please be assured that this is their priority when making a certification decision.

Value No. 2 — The UPC® shield mark means acceptance by jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada

Many jurisdictions are governed by the Uniform Plumbing Code®, which requires that the plumbing products installed within such jurisdictions comply with the code requirements. The UPC® mark displayed on a product helps the inspectors to easily identify the compliance of the products and accept them for installation and use.

Value No. 3 — The UPC® shield mark means acceptance by big box retailers

It is also important to point out that big box retailers rely on IAPMO R&T and the UPC®
mark when it comes to plumbing products. They call us whenever they have questions regarding plumbing requirements. When it comes to purchasing plumbing products, big box retailers look for our UPC® shield mark.

Value No. 4 — The UPC® shield mark means product integrity and a level playing field

By gaining the UPC® shield mark, you can be assured that the products have passed comprehensive testing and review to the applicable performance standards and codes. Further, our ongoing surveillance inspection program will make sure that the products continue to meet such requirements in order to continue to display our UPC® shield mark.

Value No. 5 – The UPC® shield mark is backed by 100 percent support and dedicated service of IAPMO staff

One more important thing that we want you to know is that all of us here at IAPMO R&T stand behind our UPC® mark and assure you that you do not need to look anywhere else when it comes to certifying your plumbing products. With the UPC® shield mark, you know that you always have our support and dedicated service.

We firmly believe that when you look at our UPC® shield mark, you will discover the value. Just ask our customers, who testify that the UPC® shield mark is the only mark they need.

Jin Luo
Executive Vice President of Laboratory Recognition & Asia Pacific Operations

Last modified: December 29, 2022