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Code Quiz | Summer 2022

Questions related to the 2018 UPC Study Guide, Chapter 11

Storm water shall not be drained into sewers intended for________________________.

Subsoil drains shall be piped to a __________.

The perimeter of buildings having basements, cellars, or crawl spaces or floors below grade shall be provided with ______________.

All rainwater sumps serving “public use” occupancy buildings shall be provided with ________________.

Questions related to the 2018 UMC Study Guide, Chapter 11

Outside-air and return-air in cooling systems used for human comfort must comply with _________________________.

Supports and anchorage for refrigeration equipment and piping shall be __________.

Compressors, valves, and portions of refrigerating systems requiring routine maintenance shall be provided with a readily accessible opening and passageway ______.

Where an unobstructed access opening is provided for servicing air filters, brine control or stop valves, fan motors and drives, an unobstructed space not less than _____ inches in depth, width, and height shall be provided.

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