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Code Quiz | Second Quarter 2023

Questions related to the 2021 UPC Study Guide, Chapter 14 

Where sleeves are installed for a fire-resistance- rated assembly, they ________________________.

Where piping penetrates a rated assembly, ________ piping shall not connect to non- combustible piping unless it is capable of being demonstrated that the transition is in accordance with this chapter.

The Authority Having Jurisdiction shall determine the ____________ of penetrations to be inspected.

Unshielded couplings shall not be used to connect _____________ piping unless it can be demonstrated that the fire-resistive integrity of the penetration is maintained.

Questions related to the 2021 UMC Study Guide, Chapter 14 

Where pneumatic testing is conducted, a process piping system shall be tested at not less than _____.

The test pressure for a process piping system shall be held for a length of time acceptable to the Authority Having Jurisdiction but in no case for less than ____________.

All liquid Hazardous Process Piping waste or drainage shall be installed in accordance with the ____________________.

In addition to other requirements of the Mechanical Code, hazardous process piping gases shall also comply with _____________.


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