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Code Quiz | First Quarter 2024

Questions related to the 2021 UPC Study Guide, Chapter 17, Referenced Standards 

The approved standards for gas storage water heaters are developed by ____________.

“Piping, Ferrous” would include ___________.

Backwater valves are found listed under _____________.

ANSI stands for ____________________.

Questions related to the 2021 UMC Study Guide, Chapter 17, Referenced Standards 

A reference standard addressing climatic conditions for the U.S. is provided by _____.

“HVAC Duct Construction Standards, Metal and Flexible” is written by ___________.

The reference standard for “Rules for Construction of Power Boilers” was written by ________________.

The Installation and Testing of Oil (Liquid) Fuel-Fired Equipment contained in Appendix C of the Uniform Mechanical Code shall not be considered ____________.


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