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Board Gets to Work, CPSPC Gets to Helping

The IAPMO Board of Directors held its first meeting of the year in January. I’d like to share with you a few of the things we addressed while together in Florida. This calendar year, The IAPMO Group budget looks to be the most successful one to date.  At our conference in September, CEO Dave Viola will share the results of our financial  performance over the past 12 months, but I can tell you that I’m impressed with how far IAPMO has come. 

Committees play an important part in the development of our publications, educational materials, curriculum, and in our conference program. And, on top of that, serving on a committee is a great way to learn from others and meet new people. Each year the board reviews numerous applications to appoint the right mix of people to serve. We try to create a combination of more experienced people with those newer to the industry, hoping to find the right balance. During the board meeting in Florida, we discussed IAPMO’s success at creating that balance on our committees to introduce new ideas, tools, and applications to IAPMO’s offerings. If you haven’t applied to serve on a committee, I encourage you to do so. You won’t regret it. 

I’m also proud to share the Conference Planning and Special Projects Committee (CPSPC) activity held during our time in Florida. This particular committee is made up of the companions of the Board of Directors, who meet the same week as the board to plan the companion program held during IAPMO’s annual conference. In an effort to make a difference in the local community, the committee members also organized a project — as an extension of IWSH — to support a charity. The CPSPC, led by my wife, Lorena Panelli, and Maria Viola, worked with the IWSH team to provide hygiene products to the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition for the Homeless. During the week, the committee filled 50 five-gallon buckets with hygiene products intended for men, women and families then delivered the buckets to the local facility. It’s incredible what a group of people can do to make a difference in others’ lives! Based on the positive feedback from this first Bucket Challenge, the CPSPC is hopeful that this can be replicated at future meetings. I want to thank Lorena, Maria, the CPSPC, and the IWSH team for helping provide support to the Florida community and for considering ways to contribute to the good work of IWSH. 

Steven Panelli
President at IAPMO | Website

IAPMO President Steven Panelli is chief plumbing inspector for the city and county of San Francisco. As chief plumbing inspector of a large metropolitan city, Panelli has been directly involved in the conception and framework for water conservation, storm water management, and other environmental legislation and city polices.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Panelli attended Sacred Heart High School and graduated in 1989. Two days after graduation, he was given the opportunity to work for a family friend at Heiro Plumbing. He then applied to Local 38 and completed the apprenticeship program. Shortly after becoming a journeyman, he again had the privilege to work for one of the most respected companies in San Francisco, Servadei Plumbing.

Panelli was hired in 2000 as a plumbing inspector for the city and county of San Francisco and was subsequently promoted to senior inspector in 2005 and chief plumbing inspector in 2009.

“Without the support and professionalism of my inspectors and seniors, I would not be able to be the chief I am today,” he says. “They have always had my back no matter what and I appreciate all the hard work they perform every day.”

Panelli is an apprentice instructor for the JATC of Local 38.

A contributing member of IAPMO for many years, Panelli is always willing to volunteer his time to his IAPMO chapter and has been an alternate for the plumbing and mechanical technical committees. Panelli has represented San Francisco Local 38 and the Western Pipe Trades at IAPMO’s annual conferences, as well.

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of this organization and look forward to supporting my fellow Board of Directors members, IAPMO staff, and, of course, our association members in my new role as president,” Panelli says.

Besides his dedication to the plumbing industry, Panelli enjoys playing golf, bowling, pool, bocce and sometimes a friendly game of snooker. He would never have made it to where he is without the love, support and patience of his loving wife of 29 years, Lorena. His children, Steven and Daniela, have always been two of the most important people in his life, as well. Daniela graduated from San Jose State and is pursuing a career in communications. Steven met the love of his life, Megan, and they were married this past year. Panelli is overjoyed to have a new addition to the family.

Last modified: March 18, 2024