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ASSE International Seeks Working Group Members for Development of National Standard ASSE 1378 for Point of Entry Anion Exchange – Nitrate Reduction Devices

Mokena, Ill. ASSE International is seeking volunteers with technical backgrounds in plumbing and specific knowledge of point-of-entry anion exchange systems designed for nitrate reduction to participate in the development of ASSE 1378, Performance Requirements for Point of Entry Anion Exchange – Nitrate Reduction. Ideal Working Group (WG) candidates include jurisdictional authorities, testing lab and educational facility representatives, as well as manufacturing experts. The scope of ASSE 1378 covers self-regeneration anion exchange systems designed to reduce nitrate from drinking water.

ASSE 1378 WG members will be assisting the ASSE International Product Standards Committee with the development of a new American National Standard and Canadian National Standard. The ASSE 1378 WG will also be responsible for developing content and processing public review comments. The WG will operate in accordance with IAPMO/ASSE’s accredited procedures for standards development: IAPMO PP-1 (Policies and Procedures for Consensus Development of American National Standards) and IAPMO PP-2 (Policies and Procedures for Development of National Standards of Canada).

ASSE International’s ANSI-accredited standards development process represents a commitment to the creation of high-quality, technologically responsive standards in an open environment, characterized by due process and ANSI’s neutral third-party oversight. Due process is key to developing voluntary consensus standards in an environment that is equitable, accessible and responsive to the requirements of various stakeholders. The open and fair process allows all interested and affected parties to have the opportunity to participate in a standard’s development. ANSI brings valuable oversight to our program, and the ANSI name brings a level of confidence.

Founded in 1906, ASSE International has a long history of advocacy for standard plumbing practices.  Because of its foresight, people today live more efficiently, more economically, more comfortably and with better health protection than at any other time in history. ASSE International’s motto, “Prevention rather than cure,” holds as true today as it did in 1906. The ASSE International standards program, as we know it today, began in 1959 with the formation of the Technical Standards and Testing Procedures Committee, which resulted in ASSE’s first product performance standard in 1964 — ASSE 1001, Performance Requirements for Pipe Applied Vacuum Breakers.

The deadline to apply to participate on the WG is Oct. 20. Applications can be downloaded HERE.

Interested parties wishing to serve on the ASSE 1378 WG, please contact IAPMO Standards at standards@iapmostandards.org with a completed application, as well as a copy of your résumé, by the Oct. 20 deadline. Please contact Terry Burger at (909) 519-0740 or Sung Choe at (909) 230-5534 with any questions.

ASSE International is an ANSI-accredited standards developer and product certification body composed of members representing all disciplines of the plumbing and mechanical industries.
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Last modified: September 8, 2022