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ASSE International Seeks Input on New Commercial Water Treatment Standard

ASSE International is calling for interested and knowledgeable individuals to join the ASSE 1087 working group to develop the first complete water treatment standard for non-residential installations. ASSE 1087, Performance Requirements for Small Systems, Commercial and Food Service Water Treatment, will complement existing water treatment standards for individual devices by adding plumbing performance requirements for devices that are coupled to potable water sources. Of particular interest are backpressure, backsiphonage, and cross-connection requirements in line with ASSE International’s expertise and more than 110-year history in backflow prevention. The standard will also cover specific needs for use in food service applications, but exclude process water or waste water applications.

Devices under consideration for inclusion in the standard include water softeners, deionizers, UV disinfectors, reverse osmosis systems, and distillation systems, among others. ASSE 1087 will help reduce confusion when installing these devices and promote public trust of products that comply with the standard.

“There are no commercial water treatment standards for water treatment equipment,” said Tom Palkon, ASSE International Executive Director and IAPMO R&T Senior Vice President – Water Systems. “After ASSE Standard 1087 is completed, the plumbing and building industries will have a single product standard that covers water treatment product material safety, performance, structural integrity, backflow protection, cross-connection control, proper installation, and proper maintenance of equipment.”

Candidates can expect a time commitment of four to eight hours per month for a duration of six months.

Those interested in participating must submit a completed application and résumé to ASSE International Staff Engineering Supervisor Conrad Jahrling by e-mail at conrad.jahrling@asseplumbing.org.

ASSE International is an ANSI-accredited standards developer and product certification body composed of members representing all disciplines of the plumbing and mechanical industries. ASSE’s product performance standards, professional qualifications standards, professional certification and product listing programs aim to improve the performance and safety of plumbing and mechanical systems. Learn more about ASSE International at http://www.asse-plumbing.org/.

Last modified: December 19, 2023