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ASSE International Seeks Electrical Heater Expert for Product Standard Working Group

ASSE International is seeking an electrical heater expert to join the ASSE 1060 working group and provide insight into outdoor heater designs in regard to environmental and hydraulic requirements of ASSE Standard #1060, Performance Requirements for Outdoor Enclosures for Fluid Conveying Components. The ideal candidate will have 10-plus years of experience in developing, manufacturing or designing systems with electrical heaters for air and water, and possess knowledge of existing electrical codes, standards and products in the market.

ASSE 1060 focuses on devices that provide protection of fluid conveying components that are mounted outside and above ground so that they may avoid damage from freezing, vandalism and tampering. Fluid conveying components include backflow prevention assemblies and devices, water meters, control valves, pressure reducing valves, air release valves, pumps and other components that require protection from freezing or require system security protection.

“While normally all issues and industry segments are properly represented on ASSE working groups, we are seeking further expertise on electrical heating for the ASSE 1060 working group,” said Staff Engineering Supervisor Conrad Jahrling. “To reach true consensus, per the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards development process, we need to ensure that all interested parties are represented. In the case of the ASSE 1060 working group, we are seeking an electrical heater expert to provide clarity on reasonable heater designs for environmental and hydraulic parameters required in current standards and electrical codes.”

Candidates can expect a time commitment of one to four hours per month for a duration of six months.

Those interested in participating must complete and submit an application for committee/working group membership to Staff Engineering Supervisor Conrad Jahrling via e-mail at conrad.jahrling@asse-plumbing.org.

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Last modified: January 13, 2015