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ASSE International Publishes New Scald Awareness White Paper

Adjustment of Automatic Compensating Valves to Prevent Potential Scald Hazards

ASSE International has published its third scald awareness white paper, “Adjustment of Automatic Compensating Valves to Prevent Potential Scald Hazards,” which is available for free download here and www.facebook.com/asse1906. Developed by the ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group, the primary goal of this paper is to educate, or re-educate, the general public and plumbing industry on the necessity of properly setting limit stops on water temperature control devices.

“The purpose of the Scald Awareness Task Group is nothing more than an extension of ‘Prevention Rather Than Cure’ – the guiding motto of ASSE International,” said ASSE Scald Awareness Task Group Chairman Richard J. Prospal. “Setting the limit stop on a temperature limiting device is the most important part of the device’s installation; it is the hope of the task group that our latest paper will be a reminder to every installer that they need to complete their jobs and properly set limit stops.”

This paper does not attempt to determine which temperature-limiting device should be used in which application. However, the ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group is in the process of developing a white paper to address proper and improper applications of temperature-limiting devices within ASSE’s portfolio of product performance standards. The product performance standards that will be discussed in the upcoming white paper include: ASSE 1016-2011/ASME A112.1016-2011/CSA B125.16-11, Performance Requirements for Automatic Compensating Valves for Individual Showers and Tub/Shower Combinations; ASSE 1017-2009, Performance Requirements for Temperature Actuated Mixing Valves for Hot Water Distribution Systems; ASSE 1069-2005, Performance Requirements for Automatic Temperature Control Mixing Valves; and ASSE 1070-2004, Performance Requirements for Water Temperature Limiting Devices.

ASSE International strongly encourages all industry professionals, industry associations, members of the media, and those with a desire to protect the general public to join ASSE in disseminating the Scald Awareness Task Group’s white papers — all of which were written to provide education and awareness of the potentially scalding hazards of domestic hot water.

“Adjustment of Automatic Compensating Valves to Prevent Potential Scald Hazards,” along with the task group’s two previous scald awareness white papers, “Scald Hazards Associated with Low-Flow Showerheads” and “Understanding Potential Water Heater Scald Hazards,” can be viewed and downloaded at www.asse-plumbing.org.

For more information, contact ASSE Scald Awareness Task Group Chairman Richard J. Prospal at rjrospal@asse-plumbing.org.

About the ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group
The ASSE International Scald Awareness Task Group was formed to educate and give guidance to the general public and the plumbing industry on potential scalding hazards associated with domestic hot water at the point of use. The latest task group was made up of 25 industry professionals, including manufacturers, engineers, industry association members, master plumbers, general interest individuals, inspectors and labor representatives.

About ASSE International
ASSE International is an ANSI-accredited standards developer and product certification body comprised of members representing all disciplines of the plumbing and mechanical industries. ASSE’s product performance standards, professional qualifications standards, professional certification and product listing programs aim to improve the performance and safety of plumbing and mechanical systems. Learn more about ASSE International at http://www.asse-plumbing.org.

Last modified: July 20, 2015