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ASSE International Publishes New Listing Evaluation Criteria (LEC) for Legionella Reduction and Treatment Devices

Mokena, Ill. — ASSE International has published a new Listing Evaluation Criteria (LEC) standard — ASSE LEC 2011-2022, Product Performance Requirements for Legionella Reduction and Treatment Devices.

Legionella reduction and treatment devices are designed to reduce Legionella microorganisms found in potable water systems. These devices reduce the number of the bacteria through inactivation and/or filtration. They can reduce or prevent the downstream bacterial colonization of a water system and thus ultimately the release of the bacteria into the water. Devices are intended to be used at point of entry (POE) or point of use (POU) in applications for hot or cold water, or both, for drinking water, washing hands or showering. This standard defines the performance requirements for those devices in order to reduce the downstream risk due to Legionella bacteria.

“Consistency in experimental design means confidence in the results,” said Dr. Janet E. Stout, executive vice president and founder of Special Pathogens Laboratory and a Legionella researcher for more than 30 years. “ASSE LEC 2011 Standard provides a much-needed guide that specifically defines test requirements that will lead to reproducible and reliable results. These requirements include defining water chemistry and quality as well as how to test, recover and culture Legionella for demonstration of efficacy of devices that seek to show reduction or killing capacity. When device testing meets these requirements, you can have confidence in the results!”

Legionnaires’ disease is a pulmonary infection brought on by the aspiration or inhalation of aerosolized Legionella bacteria. While there are always various species of microorganisms in the public water supply, Legionella has gained attention in recent years due to the rising number of identified individuals who contracted Legionellosis (i.e., Legionnaires’ Disease, Pontiac Fever). Products conforming to ASSE LEC 2011-2022 reduce the quantity of potentially harmful Legionella bacteria that exit the device and help reduce downstream exposure risk.

To purchase ASSE LEC 2011-2022, please visit the ASSE International Webstore at www.assewebstore.com. For questions regarding the LEC, contact Terry Burger, director of Product Standards, at terry.burger@asse-plumbing.org.

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Last modified: August 26, 2022