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ASSE International Publishes First Listing Evaluation Criteria (LEC)

ASSE International has published its first Listing Evaluation Criteria (LEC) – ASSE LEC 2002-2017, Shower Filtration Fitting for Reduction of Chloramine.

Residential water treatment devices are designed to reduce aesthetic contaminants typically found in potable water supply lines, such as chlorine and chloramine. These devices improve washing, cleaning, bathing and showering experiences by reducing aesthetic contaminants from supply water, and they also improve water quality. This listing evaluation criteria (LEC) covers shower filter water treatment devices.

An ASSE LEC document establishes performance requirements for unique products in the marketplace. An LEC offers the opportunity for new devices to gain traction in the marketplace when combined with third-party certification.

“LECs are similar to ASSE standards – they contain performance requirements, but have been developed outside of the normal ANSI-accredited standards development process,” said ASSE International Staff Engineering Supervisor Conrad Jahrling. “This LEC process allows manufacturers to quickly third-party certify their products to published procedures to gain market knowledge, gain product trust from regulators, and allow designers and owners to be on the leading edge of water filtration technology.”

Requirements in ASSE LEC 2002 include performance requirements and compliance testing for flow rates, chloramine and chlorine reduction, structural integrity, and requirements for materials, documentation and markings – among others.

To purchase the ASSE LEC 2002-2017, please visit the ASSE International Webstore. For questions regarding the LEC, contact Staff Engineering Supervisor Conrad Jahrling at (708) 995-3017 or by email at conrad.jahrling@asse-plumbing.org.

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Last modified: September 1, 2017