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ASSE International Plumbing Dictionary:
A Valuable Resource for Attorneys and Other Law Professionals

The ASSE International Plumbing Dictionary (Sixth Edition), a free e-book containing more than 4,000 plumbing words, terms, and abbreviations, is available online at www.asseplumbing.org/plumbing-dictionary for use as a resource by attorneys and other non-plumbing professionals needing comprehensive and accurate information on plumbing terms.

“Every craft or trade has unique and peculiar terms, and the plumbing industry is no different — knowing terms and their meanings is essential to understating and communicating with those in the trade,” said Monte Bogatz, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for The IAPMO Group. “The ASSE International Plumbing Dictionary includes many words that are not common in daily speech, as well as many words that are commonly used, but have been adopted by the plumbing industry and thus become plumbing terms of art.”

To develop the Plumbing Dictionary, ASSE International collected words and terms from plumbing trade publications, product catalogues, text books, plumbing code books, reference books, and dictionaries, solicited terms from professionals in all phases of plumbing — manufacturers, plumbers, plumbing inspectors, and educators — and relied on the ASSE Nomenclature Committee and subject-matter experts for definitions, comments, and criticism. The terms in the Plumbing Dictionary are intended to be descriptive, not prescriptive — to describe, define and explain, not to prescribe limitations or establish fixed and restrictive meanings; to record the words and combinations of words used in plumbing; and to give the definitions and meanings of these words and terms. Wherever possible, nontechnical language has been used for ease of readability, but specialized and technical terminology have been retained wherever necessary to help give the truest pertinent meanings. The dictionary was produced so that all — from experienced plumbers to non-plumbing professionals, such as attorneys who need fundamental information from an authoritative source — can rely on the information found in this book to fill a void in existing technical literature for this field of knowledge.

Trade names and brand names have been purposely omitted from this book. Although the ASSE dictionary does not provide legal definitions of any term — legal meanings and definitions are decided by governmental authorities and courts — practicing attorneys and courts have cited the Plumbing Dictionary as persuasive evidence of the use of plumbing-specific terminology.

Join the attorneys, plumbers, architects, engineers, and students throughout the country who use the Plumbing Dictionary for plumbing terminology, abbreviations, cross-references, and illustrations. Download the free ASSE International Plumbing Dictionary (Sixth Edition) at www.asse-plumbing.org/plumbing-dictionary.

Last modified: January 7, 2020