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ASSE International, Plumbers Without Borders Launch ‘Plumbing Term of the Day’ Campaign

ASSE International and Plumbers Without Borders are proud to announce the launch of their “Plumbing Term of the Day” campaign. Starting today and continuing every workday morning, a plumbing term and its definition will be published on the new ASSE International “Plumbing Term of the Day” blog and shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Each term and definition will be pulled from the ASSE International Plumbing Dictionary (Sixth Edition), which contains more than 4,000 plumbing words, terms, and abbreviations.

“Every craft or trade has unique and peculiar terms; knowing their meaning is essential in the plumbing industry,” said Richard J. Prospal, ASSE International Past President and Plumbers Without Borders Advisory Board Member. “For those who don’t have time to read through the Plumbing Dictionary every day, the “Plumbing Term of the Day” is a great way to have a bit of knowledge and entertainment delivered directly your phone, tablet, or computer every day, for free.”

By keeping up with the “Plumbing Term of the Day” blog, experienced plumbing professionals and new students of the profession can expand their knowledge, fine-tune their vocational vocabulary, and become encyclopedias of plumbing trivia. The terms of this campaign and the Plumbing Dictionary are intended to be descriptive, not prescriptive — to describe, define and explain, not to prescribe limitations or establish fixed and restrictive meanings. Wherever possible, nontechnical language has been used for ease of readability, but specialized and technical terminology have been retained wherever necessary to help give the truest pertinent meanings.

“Plumbers Without Borders is thrilled to be a part of this campaign,” said Domenico DeGregorio, President of Plumbers Without Borders. “Training and education is critical to building, maintaining and improving plumbing systems — both locally and globally. Any way of spreading knowledge and bringing plumbers together is proudly supported by Plumbers Without Borders.”

As part of this campaign, ASSE International is offering free digital copies of the ASSE International Plumbing Dictionary (Sixth Edition) on the “Plumbing Term of the Day” blog. Join the plumbers, architects, engineers, attorneys, and students throughout the country who use the Plumbing Dictionary for plumbing terminology, abbreviations, cross-references, and illustrations.

Visit the “Plumbing Term of the Day” blog.

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ASSE International is an ANSI-accredited standards developer and product certification body comprised of members representing all disciplines of the plumbing and mechanical industries. ASSE’s product performance standards, professional qualifications standards, professional certification and product listing programs aim to improve the performance and safety of plumbing and mechanical systems. Learn more about ASSE International at http://www.asse-plumbing.org.

Plumbers Without Borders is a grassroots effort, born from the desire to help people in dire need, where human suffering and disease is caused in part by a lack of safe plumbing and hygienic sanitation. Plumbers Without Borders is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Last modified: October 3, 2016