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Are You Getting the Maximum Benefit from Your IAPMO R&T Listing?

For a listee, the IAPMO R&T listing indicates that your products have been tested by a qualified product testing laboratory, evaluated by IAPMO R&T’s experienced engineers, and approved by IAPMO R&T’s Product Certification Committee as complying with the requirements of applicable standard and code. Because plumbing inspectors, product buyers, and consumers are looking for indication that products are listed when accepting them for installation or making their purchasing decisions, it is ultimately important for you to communicate clearly that your products are listed, compliant, and safe to use.

Knowing how and where to use the certification marks will help maximize the benefit of your listing. We often hear that there is a “two-second rule” when it comes to marketing, which means that you only have two seconds to make an impression upon your potential clients. This illustrates perfectly how important effective marketing can be. As for marketing your listed products, there are many ways you can use the IAPMO R&T certification marks, but we have learned that many listees are under the impression that the IAPMO R&T certification marks can only be applied on the product itself; as a result they are not taking advantage of the opportunity to display the IAPMO R&T certification marks in other means, such as the packaging, advertisements, product catalogues, websites, trade show displays, user manuals, company newsletters, etc. In other words, the sky is the limit when it comes to where you can apply the IAPMO R&T certification marks as long as they are used correctly.

For guidance on how to properly apply the mark, please download the Mark Usage Guide on our website, or you can simply send us an email to obtain a copy.

Below are a few of the many reasons why a listee should capitalize on its hard work in obtaining the IAPMO R&T listing by using the well-earned IAPMO R&T certification marks on its products as well as marketing materials:
● Increase the acceptance of your product. Bearing the IAPMO R&T mark can make it easier for potential customers and regulatory personnel to accept your promotions and purchase your products.
● Increase customer confidence in purchasing products. Bearing the IAPMO R&T mark shows that your products meet established standards as determined by an independent, third-party organization.
● Provide added assurance and trust. Bearing the IAPMO R&T marks shows your commitment to product safety; that your customers can trust to help guide their purchasing decisions.
● Allow easier entry into new markets. Bearing the IAPMO R&T mark can facilitate expansion into domestic and international markets with prominent visibility on products and marketing materials.
● Increase exposure for your products. Bearing the IAPMO R&T mark can greatly increase your product’s exposure through the IAPMO R&T online listing directory.
● Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing communications. Bearing the IAPMO R&T mark can do so by delivering your message of product safety at a quick glance.
● Make marketing more cost-effective. Bearing the IAPMO R&T mark can do so by leveraging the independent listing to create product awareness and credibility more quickly.
● Boost sales. Do so by utilizing the mark consistently, displaying it prominently, and communicating the fact your product meets the standards it represents.

Now that you know all the benefits of applying your well-earned IAPMO R&T certification marks beyond the product itself, what are you waiting for? Remember, you only have two seconds to make an impression, so make those seconds count!

Jin Luo
Executive Vice President of Laboratory Recognition & Asia Pacific Operations

Last modified: December 29, 2022