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Answers & Analysis | Spring 2022

Taken from the Online Editions of the UPC & UMC Answers & Analysis

SUBJECT: Facilities Covered
SECTION: Chapter 13 (2015 UPC)

Question: Chapter 13 applies to the special fixtures and systems in health care facilities. However, it is unclear whether hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities are covered by the scope of Chapter 13. 1. Is this chapter enforceable for small everyday facilities such as: (a) dentists’ offices (b) doctors’ offices (c) laser eye surgery offices 2. In these facilities, is the Authority Having Jurisdiction responsible for enforcing the code sections regarding: (a) plan view (b) as-built plans (c) sizing (d) duplex systems (e) independent certification.

Answer: 1. Yes. The language in Section 1309.1 (2003/2006/2009/2012/2015) defines the scope of this chapter as including “hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities.” 2. The Authority Having Jurisdiction would be responsible for the enforcement of provisions found in Chapter 13, per Section 1302.0 (2003/2006/2009/2012/2015).

SUBJECT: Mobile Home Site Relief Valve Alternative
SECTION: Appendix E 20.0 (2015 UMC)

Question: May the mobile home site pressure relief valve required by Section E 20.0 be omitted where the water heater in a connected mobile home is equipped with an approved and officially inspected temperature and pressure relief valve?

Answer: Appendix E 20.0 (2003/2006/ 2009) E 18.1 (2012) E 308 (2015) addresses the requirement for pressure relief valves. This section requires “that pressure relief valves, when required, shall be installed in the water service line on the discharge side of the backflow preventer.” Section E 19.0 (2003/2006/ 2009) E 17.1 (2012) E 307 (2015) stipulates that certain conditions may require a backflow preventer to be installed, and Section 602.0 (2003/2006/2009/ 2012/2015) defines specific conditions that may constitute a cross-connection which would require a backflow preventer. Combining these sections provides a complete answer to the question: 1. Section E 19.0 (2003/2006/2009) E 17.1 (2012) E 307 (2015) references the possible need for a backflow preventer. 2. Section E 20.0 (2003/2006/2009) E 18.1 (2012) E 308 (2015) stipulates that a relief valve must be installed “in the water service line” when a backflow preventer is required. 3. Section 602.0 clarifies when a backflow preventer is required. The T&P valve on a water heater does not satisfy these code requirements.

SUBJECT: Regulation of LPG Systems
SECTION: 1301.0, see also 1313.0 (2015 UMC)

Question: Does the installation of LPG tanks, underground piping, regulators, and meters fall within the authority and scope of the UMC, or are these facilities considered service piping and therefore the responsibility of the servicing LPG supplier?

Answer: Section 1313.0 (1315.0, 2009/2012) states, “Liquefied petroleum gas shall comply with NFPA 58, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code.”

SUBJECT: Retesting Existing Gas Piping
SECTION: 1304.0 (2015 UMC)

Question: My city has a number of buildings that are being converted from LPG to natural gas as fuel for water heaters, furnaces, and ranges. Some of these conversions consist of only new gas piping being installed outside the structure from the meter location to the supplier’s gas main. Is it the intention of the UMC to require a pressure test on the entire system when no modification to the existing building piping has occurred? All new gas piping outside the building will be tested.

Answer: Section 1313.0 (1315.0, 2009/2012) states, “Liquefied petroleum gas shall comply with NFPA 58, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code.”

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